Women’s March on Washington

By Courtney Wentz

Former student and current computer lab assistant at MWCC, Susan Shute attended the Women’s March on Washington on Saturday, January 21st.

Originally, Shute had not planned on going to the march because of potential violence and the cost of the trip, but due to a ticket becoming available, she was able to go with a friend and a bus full of people. Shute said, “I was so excited I couldn’t stand it.”

The buses left Keene, New Hampshire at 11:30PM and arrived in Washington, D.C. at 8AM the next morning. Shute described it taking an hour to get to the starting point of the march to listen to the speakers, and then began the march at around 3PM in the afternoon.

The Women’s March website provided a map, showing the route from 3rd Street SW and Independence Ave SW to Pennsylvania Ave NW, which was a two mile walk.

Shute stated she marched for women, immigrants, all different faiths, people of every color and orientation, for her son “so he may remain living in a compassionate country and know when it’s time to speak up,” for her niece, and her family’s intercultural marriages.

Even though Shute was concerned about possible violence, there happened to not be any, according to an article on NBC, and Shute who said she felt safe and that the march was under control. She also mentioned, “I couldn’t get over the positivity.”

On her way back to the bus, she explained and shared photos of signs from the march lining the outside of Trump International Hotel and Federal Triangle Subway Station with signs scattered all over the ground outside and leading inside the station.

Shute said, “I’m still trying to process this all.”

The New York Times wrote an article about the attendance of the Women’s March on Washington, estimating about 470,000 people were at the march.