REVIEW: W. Kamau Bell’s “Semi-Prominent Negro”

By Jason D. Greenough

A lot of us are infuriated with the current state of politics in our country.

– Uh, scratch that –

All of us are infuriated with the current state of politics in our country.

Many of us choose to express that feeling with anger, others with disenchantment and apathy. Both paths are very understandable. But then there is another path, that many have used over the years, and that the path of humor. George Carlin, Dick Gregory, Bill Hicks, Jon Stewart…So many comedians have made politics and current events the centerpiece of their hook, their message. W. Kamau Bell, the socio-political comic who you may have seen on CNN as the host and creator of United Shades of America, is no different, and brings the heat, once again, with Semi-Prominent Negro, his newest stand-up special. read more

Football is Back, But Pats Fans Await Brady’s Return

By Andrew Hoenig

 New England –  It’s that time of year again! Football is back!!

Every September when fans of the game hear those three words, their hearts soar a little higher with a joyful glee.

But this year has a different feel to it in New England. And that may be because of the suspension that has loomed over New England all offseason and that will continue to loom till October.

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady had his suspension decision by Judge Richard Berman from last year overturned by a federal court which stated the primary reason for the 180 degree turn as being “Roger Goodell has the given power to impose the penalty based upon the agreed upon CBA by the NFL and NFLPA”. read more

Lessons I Had to Learn on My Own Because of You

By Rachel Vargeletis

Never in my life do I remember my chest physically hurting more than it did the moment I realized I meant nothing. I breathed, I was alive, but I wasn’t living. It, pathetically enough, seemed like my world was over. It felt as if he was ringing my heart dry in his clenched fists, drawing out every last bit of worth and feeling I could try to muster. There was a new crack developing in every one of my bones as each word bounced off his tongue, one by one in a calamitous nose dive. read more

Political Opinions From Across The Pond

By Courtney Wentz

Everyone knows what the United States thinks of the upcoming election, but other countries have opinions about the election too.

Giada Lancellotti, 21, from Ostigliano, Salerno, Italy, is worried about who the next president will be. She said, “I know that who we elect in Italy does not really affect other countries, but you are going to elect the president of one of the biggest world powers.”

Lancellotti has never been to the United States, but she understands the rights and how important it is to vote. She knows three languages: English, French, German, and some self-taught Spanish. She is starting University in Pescara, Italy to become a translator in London, England to translate books. read more

Gateway Student Voice: What It’s Like to Come Back to School After 4 ½ Years

By Eden Shaveet

During the spring of my 7th grade year, I decided that I did not want to go to school anymore.

A seemingly tactless and unrealistic decision, I know, but I hoped it would make me happy after years of struggling with what seemed to be an unexplainable, perpetual sadness that worsened with each year I ignored it. After nearly a decade of jumping from school to school and transforming myself to fit each new social environment I was placed into, I grew tired of my “new girl” status and wanted space from everyone and everything I had once so desperately tried to become. read more