Pentagon Loses 6.5 Trillion Taxpayer Dollars

by Rebekah Chiasson

The Defense Department had to present their audit this June and could not account for $6.5 trillion. Investigators, including Reuters who first released the report, believe the missing money is due to “unreliable” data and “fudged” numbers.

The Defense Department’s annual budget is roughly $600 billion, but according to their audit report, “The Defense Finance and Accounting Service Indianapolis (DFAS Indianapolis) did not adequately support $2.8 trillion in third quarter adjustments and $6.5 trillion in yearend adjustments.” The DFAS managed to double their already enormous loss in the last quarter of the fiscal year. In addition to the trillions lost, more than 16,000 files “vanished” from the DFAS’s computer system because of “a flaw in the computing software,” according to the report. read more

Pumpkins, Pop-Punk, and Prog-Rock: October Music Releases!

By Jason D. Greenough

Break out the sweaters, ghost stories, and your best pair of speakers, because this fall is going to be ushered in by some of the most highly anticipated albums of 2016!

While the summertime was graced with a one-two pop-punk assault, seeing the returns of two of the genre’s most adored giants, with Good Charlotte’s Youth Authority and Blink-182’s California, and a triumphant attempt at Rock redemption for the Red Hot Chili Peppers with The Getaway, October will welcome a more diverse herd of music, allowing fans of almost every mainstream genre to submerge themselves into rock n’ roll bliss. read more

Consider Staying at Oscar’s Hotel!

By Courtney Wentz

Oscar’s Hotel for Fantastical Creatures, created by YouTube’s KickThePj, is a short film turned web series buried under cat videos and make up tutorials.

Oscar’s Hotel is about a hotel for unusual and mystical creatures, temporally being run by the owner’s nephew and the only human, Oliver, played by YouTuber Chris Kendall. Kendall has been in two other short films by KickThePj. The series follows Oliver taking care of the odd guests and trying to handle the strange events going on within the hotel, like venturing into another dimension and dying in the middle of the series. read more

Never Forget to Remember

By Jason D. Greenough

This past Sunday, September 11th, marked 15 years since the most devastating day in our generation’s lifetime. Sure, we were pretty young, but I for one still remember watching the planes hit the towers, and while not knowing the full impact of what had just happened, I bought my Old Navy t-shirt that had the American Flag on it, just like droves of other Americans did, and we were all one, as a nation.

Also taking place this past Sunday, September 11th, was the kickoff to the 2016 NFL season. Even before the first kickoff, there was already controversy erupting. A number of players all across the league were sitting, kneeling, and raising their fists in protest during the National Anthem. Of course, this whole thing was started by Colin Kaepernick, the San Francisco 49ers superstar Quarterback, when he sat down for a preseason National Anthem in August, and was met with criticism, condemnation, and even death threats (from the less rational folk around the country), because of his reasoning. read more

New Year, New Mount!

As many of you who are returning to the Mount can tell, the school has gotten a significant facelift since last semester.

SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS ON THE NEW CONSTRUCTION! Do you like what they’ve done with the place? Do you feel it could be better? Let us know what’s on your mind!
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ESL Resources

Alexandra Rodriguez

Resources available for English as Second Language students of the Mount.

Mount Wachusett Community College, a place where students from all over the world can learn and grow with the help of ESL Courses, Clubs and Student support services.

The Language Café, home for ESL students of MWCC has brought life to students from all over the world to interact and have fun, with the help of Jose Mangual, leader ambassador of Language Café and Professor Madhu Sharma who feels empathy for her ESL students.  The Language Café, English as a Second Language club, offered for beginners in the English Language is a place for students all over the world practice conversational English at an informal setting.  It takes place six to seven times per semester at noon in room 104 of the Leominster Campus. read more