2016-2017 Humanities Project

By Courtney Wentz

The Humanities Project at MWCC is in its third year with events that can be attended throughout the year.

The project started in 2014, and is funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) to enhance humanities programs at MWCC. The grant is up to $500,000, which is matched 50 cents on every dollar raised.

According to the pamphlets scattered around the building every year, Henry David Thoreau was chosen because he considered himself a scientist and a poet. Last year’s theme was Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, but it didn’t just focus on the book. It also focused on the science of the monster and even psychology. This year’s theme is Imagining Work that shows how artists, writers, and photographers viewed work in the 19th century. read more

Living Out a Dream, Local Man tours with Pop Artist

By Tyler Morgan

Traveling across the United States on tour with a popular musician is something not many people can say they have done. The rock star lifestyle is not fit for many, especially with what goes on from day to day while traveling from state to state.

Imagine not being able to take a shower for over a month while being stuck on a luxury tour bus traveling around the U.S having the time of one’s life? For Travis Collier, 21 a graduate of North Middlesex High School in Townsend, the time spent touring was well spent. read more

Pics…Or It Didn’t Happen!

By Courtney Wentz

Everywhere you turn, someone has their phone out to snap a photo of where they are, what they’re doing, or who they’re with.

When you go to a show, whether it’s a concert, play, musical, comedy show, most of the audience has their phone out to record or take a picture of the performance, instead of living in the moment and enjoying the show. You aren’t enjoying the show if you’re on your phone the entire time trying to get that non-blurry photo.

Even when people go on a trip or vacation, you feel like you’re there because your friend is posting every second on social media. Your phone is not your brain. Yes, the photo is going to be a great reminder, but how well are you going to remember that moment? How you were feeling? How environment felt around you? read more

Battlefield 1 Game Review

By Nicholas Velillari

Battlefield 1 is the new first person shooter released by EA and Dice and is the sequel/prequel to Battlefield 4. With most shooters sticking with a futuristic/modern setting, BF1 is going back in time, focusing on World War 1.

The draw to Battlefield games is their multiplayer and in BF1 the multiplayer is the best it’s been since Battlefield 3. At launch, there are six modes to play: Conquest, Rush, Team Deathmatch, Domination, and two new modes called War Pigeons and Operations. read more

The Older One Gets

By Rachel Vargeletis

Eyes tend to glisten with a certain, familiar

Shine of regret the older one gets.

Wrinkles tend to cast a deeper, darker shadow

Upon their chagrinned pretense

The older one gets.

“Sorry”s feel empty and

“I love you”s only feel like a way of apologizing.

The sun hurts more than is ever brightens your day,

And suddenly,

You find your feet sore from

The routine

Instead of bouncing in eager leaps across each room,

Craving sand under their seasoned edges

And wet dirt between their wriggling toes, read more

Non-traditional Students Club Launching Unique Outreach

By Stevie LaBelle

The Adult College Experience Club is looking to reach out to Mount Wachusett Community College’s non-traditional student population.  While this club started out as a program within the college, it has expanded into a means for seasoned non-traditional students to mentor incoming non-traditional students.

This club is for measure of helping to ease the anxiety of these students while entering into the college experience.  Co-Advisors to the club are Melissa Sargent and Sarah Dorsey.  While they hope that students will find the club fun and engaging, their overall goal is to be available to help. read more

Preview: 2016 Boston Celtics

By Nicholas Cherico

In the 2015-16 season, the Boston Celtics finished 48-34, their best record since the 2011-12 season. After a first round exit in the playoffs for the second straight season, the Celtics went into the offseason looking for more pieces to build off their success from last year.

After failing to sign top free agent Kevin Durant, the Celtics made arguably their biggest free agent signing in team history. They signed All-Star power forward/center Al Horford to a max deal through the 2020 season. Next to Durant, Horford was the best free agent available. He provides the Celtics with a deadly mid range shot. He also is going to create a lot of scoring opportunities for the guys around him with his versatility. The Celtics have lacked a skillset like this from the big man position in quite some time. read more