The Sweet Side of Campus Life

By Michele Walsky
Complimentary confections enticed students and staff at the annual Valentine’s Chocolate Sampler on February 13th.  The line grew fast as students satisfied their sweet tooth with an array of treats. Cupcakes, cookies, angel food cake with strawberries and even a chocolate fountain awaited hungry undergrads. The event was sponsored by Student Life and the Campus Activities Team (CATS) during free period in the south cafeteria.

“This year we were sure to include some sugar-free and gluten-free options as well,” said Kathy Matson, Student Life programming assistant. read more

Spooky World: Reviewing New England’s “Nightmare”

By Sonia Aviles

Think of being placed right in the middle of a ghoulish nightmare mixed with elements of your favorite horror movie on a cold, dark night surrounded by many unfamiliar faces. Then enhance that nightmare with heavy rock and roll music in the back ground mixed with the sounds of chainsaws, cheerful laughter, screams of glee and fear, and cracks of a nearby fire pit. Welcome to Spooky World!!

Spooky World is in Litchfield, New Hampshire, this haunted theme park is worth a visit on any opening night. Upon arrival, there is plenty of space to park, with at least three to four lots of parking space for a fee of $5. The parking staff is also helpful and direct cars to appropriate spaces to park so there is no hassle to find parking spaces. Generally, the ticket prices are not wallet friendly. General admission is usually $40 per ticket for a typical weekend. The food and drinks are decent there, but not worth the price. Something as simple as hotdogs or burgers would cost $5 and more where you could get the same thing at a local fast food restaurant. They do serve beer there; however, they cost just as much as buying it from a bar. A helpful suggestion would be to eat out if money is an issue. read more

Living for Learning: Total Immersion Education

Another Anime Convention

By Joshua Needham

For three days during October, something strange happens at the Radisson Hotel in Manchester, NH. People from all over the country gather to share their love of anime, video games, and pop culture. Colorful costumes and home-made props fill the halls and courtyard for nearly a full 72 hours and it is clear, Another Anime Convention (AAC) is back in town.

When people outside of that culture think of such events, they likely think of the socially inept gathering to discuss Star Trek, individuals dressed as their favorite characters and roleplaying their favorite scenes with one another. What they may not think about is the professionals that make the journey to attend the gatherings. read more

A November to Remember for Metal Fans: November Music Preview

By Jason D. Greenough

The temperatures may (finally…possibly) hit freezing, but the metal is burning hot! November 2016 is sure to bring any metal fan a few moments of bliss.

Want to get away from the awkward family get-together? Need something to keep you awake before you go shopping on black Friday? With retrospective releases galore, ranging from Queen’s …On Air: The Complete BBC Sessions, and Pink Floyd’s The Early Years: 1965-1972, to REM’s Out of Time  celebrating it’s 25th anniversary with a re-issue, and Soundgarden’s Badmotorfinger, you’re pretty much all set. But, I have a few other suggestions as well… read more

Battlefield 1 Game Review

By Nicholas Velillari

Battlefield 1 is the new first person shooter released by EA and Dice and is the sequel/prequel to Battlefield 4. With most shooters sticking with a futuristic/modern setting, BF1 is going back in time, focusing on World War 1.

The draw to Battlefield games is their multiplayer and in BF1 the multiplayer is the best it’s been since Battlefield 3. At launch, there are six modes to play: Conquest, Rush, Team Deathmatch, Domination, and two new modes called War Pigeons and Operations. read more

REVIEW: W. Kamau Bell’s “Semi-Prominent Negro”

By Jason D. Greenough

A lot of us are infuriated with the current state of politics in our country.

– Uh, scratch that –

All of us are infuriated with the current state of politics in our country.

Many of us choose to express that feeling with anger, others with disenchantment and apathy. Both paths are very understandable. But then there is another path, that many have used over the years, and that the path of humor. George Carlin, Dick Gregory, Bill Hicks, Jon Stewart…So many comedians have made politics and current events the centerpiece of their hook, their message. W. Kamau Bell, the socio-political comic who you may have seen on CNN as the host and creator of United Shades of America, is no different, and brings the heat, once again, with Semi-Prominent Negro, his newest stand-up special. read more

A Few Good Men (And a Woman)

By Jason Greenough

Comics on a Mission, a night of stand-up comedy to support veteran students at MWCC, will be hitting the stage on Saturday, October 29th, at The Theater At The Mount.

The event, with all proceeds going to supporting veterans on campus, will be hosted by Brockton native Comedian Will Smalley, and headlined by Boston Comedy vet and legend Tony V, who will be joined by a number of fellow Bay State comics including Andrew Mayer (son of MWCC Director of Veteran Services, Bob Mayer), Kate Procyshyn, and MWCC student Brian Dickens, who a lot of you may know, even if he is taking a semester off from classes here at the Mount. Dickens, a greenhorn when it comes to bringing his unique brand of stand-up to the stage, has always found himself comfortable in the spotlight, and for him, this opportunity, which was granted to him as an award at a stand-up contest in the spring, is no laughing matter. read more