A Tribute to the Late Professor Edward Stevens

By: Nick Cherico

    On April 26, every member of the Mount Wachusett community was saddened to learn of the death of Professor Edward Stevens. Stevens was a MWCC faculty member for 51 years of his life, teaching various courses in science, electronics, and mathematics.

    According to the faculty page on the Science Department’s website, Professor Stevens wrote this about himself: he enjoyed gardening, skiing, swimming, hiking, reading, and playing tennis. Stevens believed that emphasizing to students how science is involved in everyday life was very important, which is why he taught science courses, according to the faculty page. read more

MWCC Spotlight: Nancy Regan

By Tyler Morgan

Hiking a mountain can be a tough obstacle for some, but it is also a way to relieve any stress one may have or even just to clear one’s mind. For Nancy Regan, who works in Health Services on the Gardner campus at Mount Wachusett Community College, this is a way of life.  She hikes nearly every weekend and does it year round.

“I love it. For me, it is exhilarating. I consider it a lot of soul-searching that you can do when you’re out in nature and I think it’s great for anyone,” said Regan, who is currently in her third year as the advisor of the MWCC Hiking Club. read more

MWCC Spotlight: Aliza Miller

By Liam Scanlon   

Most students at Mount Wachusett Community College may know Aliza Miller as their math professor. She teaches a wide range of levels of math classes. She is a Project ACCCESS (Advancing Community College Careers: Education, Scholarship, and Services) Fellow with the American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges (AMATYC). She posts a Math Problem of the Week on the whiteboard outside her office.

Aside from her work with the math department at The Mount, she is also the Chair of Interdisciplinary Studies at The Mount, has traveled all around the world, and is an artist. Miller has lived in New York, Kaohsiung (in Taiwan), Montreal, Vermont, and here in Massachusetts. read more

Living Out a Dream, Local Man tours with Pop Artist

By Tyler Morgan

Traveling across the United States on tour with a popular musician is something not many people can say they have done. The rock star lifestyle is not fit for many, especially with what goes on from day to day while traveling from state to state.

Imagine not being able to take a shower for over a month while being stuck on a luxury tour bus traveling around the U.S having the time of one’s life? For Travis Collier, 21 a graduate of North Middlesex High School in Townsend, the time spent touring was well spent. read more

Non-traditional Students Club Launching Unique Outreach

By Stevie LaBelle

The Adult College Experience Club is looking to reach out to Mount Wachusett Community College’s non-traditional student population.  While this club started out as a program within the college, it has expanded into a means for seasoned non-traditional students to mentor incoming non-traditional students.

This club is for measure of helping to ease the anxiety of these students while entering into the college experience.  Co-Advisors to the club are Melissa Sargent and Sarah Dorsey.  While they hope that students will find the club fun and engaging, their overall goal is to be available to help. read more

A Few Good Men (And a Woman)

By Jason Greenough

Comics on a Mission, a night of stand-up comedy to support veteran students at MWCC, will be hitting the stage on Saturday, October 29th, at The Theater At The Mount.

The event, with all proceeds going to supporting veterans on campus, will be hosted by Brockton native Comedian Will Smalley, and headlined by Boston Comedy vet and legend Tony V, who will be joined by a number of fellow Bay State comics including Andrew Mayer (son of MWCC Director of Veteran Services, Bob Mayer), Kate Procyshyn, and MWCC student Brian Dickens, who a lot of you may know, even if he is taking a semester off from classes here at the Mount. Dickens, a greenhorn when it comes to bringing his unique brand of stand-up to the stage, has always found himself comfortable in the spotlight, and for him, this opportunity, which was granted to him as an award at a stand-up contest in the spring, is no laughing matter. read more

The Land of the Morning Calm

By Jamie Parker

South Korea’s nickname, “the Land of the Morning Calm,” comes from the Ming Dynasty when the emperor of China commented on the countries beautiful mountains, clear waters, and its amazing tranquility. But that all changed on June 25th of 1950 when the North crossed the 38th parallel and attacked the South to begin the Korean War. Over the next three years, the country would be torn apart by war. After the war it was said that it would take over one hundred years for the Republic of Korea to rebuild from the ashes of war. Earle Stone, a veteran of the Korean War describes the capital city of Seoul as a post-apocalyptic wasteland that he could only relate to Berlin at the end of World War II.
korea-3 read more