Remembering Bill Nutting

Forty-five years of service, of teaching it all;

Four decades of a life, finally a time for it to stall.

Through good times and bad, educating with a will;

Thoroughly passionate in all things, these things were Bill.

Starting back in nineteen seventy-three as a lab tech, and moving forward;

From Technician to Instructor to Professor all ahead toward.

From General Biology to Human Health to Microbiology;

Each course in its turn, all things drenched in biology!

Bill Nutting lived a life of joy and of much pain; read more

Social Relations

A poem by: Michael Young

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Asphalt Apocalypse

By: Michele Walsky

Aghast, no space in sight!

“BBQ fair,” my carpool squealed in delight

“Cone,” I groaned, circling in plight

Diagonal, sideways, angled, no use

Every spot was taken, it was becoming obtuse

Forget it, I’d say if it wasn’t for class

Good gravy, so jammed, students parked on the grass!

“Hurry”, I prayed, following walkers afar

Instead, they tossed books and grabbed more from their car

Just as hope dipped, we spied a spot


Laughed the bike in its slot

“Motorcycles”, we cursed under our breath read more


By: Michael Young

A Shadow crossed before the sun,
while some of us have just begun to shine.

We do not need free speech
with flags of hate out in the street to shine.

Have we all lost our way
or just the ability to say the words that shine?

No need to plead or whine.
Just know that it’s the time to shine.

Be prepared to blaze
and cut through all this haze to shine.

It’s what is in your heart
that sets you apart and lets you shine.

The Older One Gets

By Rachel Vargeletis

Eyes tend to glisten with a certain, familiar

Shine of regret the older one gets.

Wrinkles tend to cast a deeper, darker shadow

Upon their chagrinned pretense

The older one gets.

“Sorry”s feel empty and

“I love you”s only feel like a way of apologizing.

The sun hurts more than is ever brightens your day,

And suddenly,

You find your feet sore from

The routine

Instead of bouncing in eager leaps across each room,

Craving sand under their seasoned edges

And wet dirt between their wriggling toes, read more