Remembering Bill Nutting

Forty-five years of service, of teaching it all;

Four decades of a life, finally a time for it to stall.

Through good times and bad, educating with a will;

Thoroughly passionate in all things, these things were Bill.

Starting back in nineteen seventy-three as a lab tech, and moving forward;

From Technician to Instructor to Professor all ahead toward.

From General Biology to Human Health to Microbiology;

Each course in its turn, all things drenched in biology!

Bill Nutting lived a life of joy and of much pain;

He knew happiness briefly, he faced great sorrow and disdain.

When here at the Mount, his life was full and vital and made sense;

His being was the classroom, his soul the lab essence.

Bill accomplished much in nearly seventy years of trying;

Courses written, Academic Affairs handled, Biology Chair work satisfying!

For four decades, students learned of microbes in their life;

Bill guided them in their studies, he helped them with all their strife.

To his younger colleagues, Bill served as mentor and advisor;

He taught about the microscope, he demonstrated staining, a full lab tour!

Bill put passion in all his work; he felt fire for every issue;

All were equally important, from new lab design to toilet tissue!

In later years, life’s struggles would catch up and his health decline;

Bill tried to stay the course, but his strength would only recline.

Best efforts he tried, but illness in the end would prevail;

After much struggle, Bill’s life came to an end and he moved beyond the veil.

Memories of Bill will always remain, his laughter and his smile;

His life’s work resides in his teaching; his lessons stretch many a mile.

Bill’s life was not idyllic; he failed, he won, he tried to keep up his guard;

His final lesson to us all: judging life is easy, living life is hard.

William A. Lefrancois

February 13, 2018