Wind turbines not speaking after turbulent disagreement.

Disagreement is in the air today, as the two wind turbines that provide green energy to MWCC have turned their backs to each other.

For those that pass these wind current carousels on their way in to school, it may have come as a shock today to find that the turbines, normally facing triumphantly in the same direction, charging forward into renewable power generation, were in fact facing opposite directions.

“I don’t know what my partner is thinking,” the west-facing turbine said, “the wind is blowing from the west!”

“The wind is obviously blowing from the east.” said the east-facing turbine, “Look at him, spinning like an idiot.”

Gale Whirlwind, a psychologist majoring in tempest perception (how one understands the wind) has been called to work out the issues between the two feuding turbines.

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