Spooky World: Reviewing New England’s “Nightmare”

By Sonia Aviles

Think of being placed right in the middle of a ghoulish nightmare mixed with elements of your favorite horror movie on a cold, dark night surrounded by many unfamiliar faces. Then enhance that nightmare with heavy rock and roll music in the back ground mixed with the sounds of chainsaws, cheerful laughter, screams of glee and fear, and cracks of a nearby fire pit. Welcome to Spooky World!!

Spooky World is in Litchfield, New Hampshire, this haunted theme park is worth a visit on any opening night. Upon arrival, there is plenty of space to park, with at least three to four lots of parking space for a fee of $5. The parking staff is also helpful and direct cars to appropriate spaces to park so there is no hassle to find parking spaces. Generally, the ticket prices are not wallet friendly. General admission is usually $40 per ticket for a typical weekend. The food and drinks are decent there, but not worth the price. Something as simple as hotdogs or burgers would cost $5 and more where you could get the same thing at a local fast food restaurant. They do serve beer there; however, they cost just as much as buying it from a bar. A helpful suggestion would be to eat out if money is an issue.

Don’t let the price scare you away, though, because it might be worth the five well-made haunted attractions. Right off, the atmosphere gives the perfect creepy Halloween vibe as you can hear chainsaw props being set off, screaming from nearby attractions, and heavy rock music in the background. And interactions with the actors start the moment you step on their grounds.

The quality of acting was on point; they don’t just play their roles well but also interact with each person to make the experience more intense especially when you are in the attractions.  Even the props and settings for each haunted attraction was very. On one of the attractions called, “Brigham Manor.” This is at least a good 10 to 15-minute walk through the attraction, and inside it’s brilliantly decorated with the goriest and macabre props that immerses the guests in a deranged scene out of classic horror movies.  The blood, gore, and disturbing images, along with jump scares around every corner, is not for the faint of heart in this attraction! Most notably the actors are much more interactive in this attraction, more so in the others, because it is the park’s main and biggest attraction out of the five. So, expect the actors to be persistent with their scares in this one.

A funny personal experience with this attraction: two of the actors in incredible makeup and costuming were playing as two disturbed, deranged, dead twin sisters that like to play. Upon being up next in a group, I held on to my friend’s hand and smiled nervously. They took this as fear the moment they saw me and jumped inches away from my face taunting me and trying to get into my head as much as possible. One of the “sisters” looked at my friend and asked him in the sweetest way possible what my name was…and you guessed it…he told her my name! And both actresses started calling out my name, chanting it almost half way into the attraction while following me, and they also passed my name down to the other actors in the attraction, which add to the disturbing mind game that they were playing on me. It really did make the entire experience that much more immersive and I applauded them for that.

Overall Spooky World is a fun theme park to visit with family or friends. It makes for great dates, or a group activity. It is family friendly, however, on their website in the “FAQ” section, they state that it’s ultimately up to the parents to decide what their child can handle; all their attractions are designed for shock value and a lot of the actors are trained to scare and do it very well so it’s best to keep that in mind.