Tower Hill Botanical Garden Photos

By Jennifer Ballou | Mount Observer Staff

Tower Hill Botanic Garden is a hidden gem just a short distance from the Gardner campus, with a little something for everyone.

Whether you like hiking, appreciating art, or learning something new, Tower Hill boasts many different activities and self-guided tours. Open year round, the gardens offer a variety of flora to see and learn about. The 132 acres brings trails, wildlife, and scenery. Flower and plant shows and artists displays are always happening, creating something unique and beautiful to see.

The Orangerie and Limonaia house a plethora of tropical plants throughout the colder months and offer a relaxing environment to study or read, or wander and take photos. The warm atmosphere required for the plants, along with the water fountains, help to make them peaceful areas to visit.  

Tower Hill offers a student membership for $25 a year, allowing unlimited entries, access to private events, and savings on classes offered there. Throughout the year they offer different events, such as Winter Reimagined, The Firefly Walk, and the Carnivorous Plant Show.

Opened in 1986, Tower Hill’s mission is to “inspire the use and appreciation of horticulture to improve lives, enrich communities and strengthen commitment to the natural world.” They aim to educate their communities through their gardens and programs. They believe teaching people about the plants around them will shine a light on their importance and benefit the planet.

The Latin inscription on the Orangerie says, “If there be heaven on earth, this is it, joy everlasting.” So why not plan a visit and see if it could be your little slice of heaven?

Tower Hill is located at 11 French Drive in Boylston. You can find more information at their website: