Never Forget to Remember

By Jason D. Greenough

This past Sunday, September 11th, marked 15 years since the most devastating day in our generation’s lifetime. Sure, we were pretty young, but I for one still remember watching the planes hit the towers, and while not knowing the full impact of what had just happened, I bought my Old Navy t-shirt that had the American Flag on it, just like droves of other Americans did, and we were all one, as a nation.

Also taking place this past Sunday, September 11th, was the kickoff to the 2016 NFL season. Even before the first kickoff, there was already controversy erupting. A number of players all across the league were sitting, kneeling, and raising their fists in protest during the National Anthem. Of course, this whole thing was started by Colin Kaepernick, the San Francisco 49ers superstar Quarterback, when he sat down for a preseason National Anthem in August, and was met with criticism, condemnation, and even death threats (from the less rational folk around the country), because of his reasoning. read more

New Year, New Mount!

As many of you who are returning to the Mount can tell, the school has gotten a significant facelift since last semester.

SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS ON THE NEW CONSTRUCTION! Do you like what they’ve done with the place? Do you feel it could be better? Let us know what’s on your mind!
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